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Engineers Working Collectively

by Derrick Koenig

Thousands of Talented Engineers and Designers Working Collectively

Imagine what the engineering services industry could achieve with a collective open source approach to engineering, design and innovation.

What do you think a pump station, lift station, or SAGD well pad would look like if each engineering design was used as the basis for the next project? And with thousands of talented engineers and designers working collectively to enhance and build upon past designs and learnings.

Engineers Working Collectively

The highly collaborative open source approach may be foreign to those of us who have spent our engineering careers in the North American municipal and energy industries. However, open source has been successfully applied to other commercialized industries since the early 20th century.

As journalist and broadcaster, Nick Easen discusses the open source approach in his article, “Elon Musk’s Hyperloop debuts an open source approach to megaprojects”, Elon Musk published his white paper less than 5 years ago. He encouraged engineers to publish open source designs and invited critical feedback from all willing parties. Thus allowing the overall scientific and engineering communities to explore the technology and collectively improve it.

The result of the Hyperloop open source project has been nothing short of amazing. This entirely new mode of public transportation was largely developed over the course of 5 years all thanks to the application of open source design and open-minded individuals who were keen on working in a collective environment.

Try to imagine what the engineering services industry could achieve with a collaborative open source approach to engineering, design and innovation. The possibilities are endless.

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