About Us

GoByDesign.com hosts the Canadian Municipal Administrative Document Library BoxOfDocs.  Members get easily searchable access to municipal documents such as bylaws, policies and standards from municipalities across Canada, all in one place. These documents are automatically loaded to our platform from all member municipality websites, with little to no effort required by members. The result is significant savings for our subscribers – saving time and money. For further details or to become a member, please contact us.
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BoxOfDocs is also an online marketplace to buy and sell licensed engineered designs. As a seller, municipalities can license complete engineering design packages from past capital projects that serve as a starting point for new projects. As a buyer, you get a ready-to-go package with the benefit of accelerated schedules, reduced costs and cost certainty for future developments.
GoByDesign’s licensing process has been fully vetted and legally approved ensuring the highest standards in intellectual property (IP) and engineering requirements within Canadian law.
Our fully transparent process means that sellers’ designs are described in detail and buyers are able to view the entire package before making a purchase decision. Sellers pay nothing to list their designs and GoByDesign facilitates the exchange ensuring each transaction meets our rigorous standards.
Some examples of municipal projects suitable for licensing:
-Water Treatment Plants
-Solar Power Generation Facilities
-Gas-fired Power Plants
-Bridge Designs
-Wind Farms
-Landfill Sites
-Recycling Facilities
-Aviation Facilities